On July 2, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners met and appointed Uvada Wilkin, from Panaca, as a new Regional Transportation Commission board member.

Wilkin fills the vacancy left by Tim Perkins’ May resignation from the RTC, which is in charge of allocating funds given to the county for improvement projects. Those funds are determined each year and, in July, are allocated to the different communities. If unused, the funds continue to compound and can grow to address more expensive projects.

According to NRS 277A.100, a project is defined as, “In a county whose population is less than 100,000, street and highway construction, maintenance or repair, or any combination thereof” and includes a variety of possible projects.

According to the Lincoln County Code 2-2-2, the regional transportation commission is made up of three members, two appointed by the county and one by the city.

Wilkin joins County Commissioner Varlin Higbee and Tommy Rowe, the mayor of Caliente, as the current board. The board has quarterly meetings but meets more frequently if business needs to be addressed.