The Panaca Town Board met July 9.

After regular business was completed, approving minutes, agendas, and payment of bills, the board heard from Dallin Pearson, who wants to put an RV on the piece of land that he purchased, at least until the house he is building is completed. Members of the neighborhood that surround his piece of property were polled for their opinion and few were opposed to this idea. The board voted accordingly, granting permission.

The board moved on to inquiring whether or not the town is prepared for the upcoming Pioneer Day celebrations on July 21. While the town is well prepared, the streets and gutters need some work, according to the town manager. The problem he faces is that while the work they have to do to get the town in order is relatively small, there’s no one around to do it. With most of the honor camp groups sent off to fight fires around the country, the manpower to complete the project is severely limited, but solutions are being sought.

Along with this inquiry, the board noted that there is a light in front of the town hall that is in need of repairs, and the town manager said that the only issue preventing him from making the repairs is that this specific light is on a different circuit from the rest. He’s working on a solution to the problem.

Finally, board member Mike Anderson mentioned that the board will be hosting a presentation from Dave Luttrel on Ballot Question 3, which looks to change how energy is provided in the state. This presentation will take place on Aug. 14 at 6 p.m. at the Panaca Town Hall, located across from the Panaca Market and adjacent to the Panaca post office.

With that, the meeting adjourned.