On July 2, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners met and discussed the ratification and approval of the USDA grant application for the repairs to the Olson Senior Center in Caliente.

No public comment was made during the hearing portion of the matter and the board approved the ratifications.

Caliente Senior Citizens, Inc. wrote a letter stating that they would guarantee matched funding for the grant in order to install handicapped doors, replace the rear entrance door, and replace obsolete exit signs and emergency lights. The cost of labor and materials is estimated at $12,080. The USDA grant would cover 75 percent of costs and Caliente Senior Citizens, Inc. would cover the other 25.

Charon Samson, secretary of Caliente Senior Citizens, Inc., explained, “After this work is finished, we will focus on repair work that drastically needs to be updated on the interior. Since we are an incorporated entity, there is no monetary help from the county. We have been fortunate that the city has helped us out by paying for our liability insurance, but everything else needs to be funded through fundraisers.”

Samson added, “We hold dinners, bake sales, and sell raffle tickets to fund materials and labor for anything we do. We are always glad to take donations to keep things going.”

The only thing left to do is wait for the okay from the USDA to move forward with the repairs.