The Alamo Town Board met July 17.

In public comment, Chris Carlton, from the BLM Caliente office, announced that the Ash Springs Environmental Assessment is out for public comment for a 30- day period.

There will be an Open House at Pahranagat Valley High School’s multipurpose room August 8 from 6-8 p.m. They will have posters and people there to answer questions. If people would like to comment on the different plans, they can fill out a card at the Open House.

The board commented on what an amazing job the new hires are doing around town. Kris Higbee expressed a need for help from a plumber and an electrician for sensors and other things needing repair. Some names were suggested and the board will get back to Higbee about it.

Higbee reported the arena bathroom lighting is still having issues. The sensors aren’t turning on the lights. Higbee also expressed that it would be nice to have blade work done on the brush along the hill of the elementary school.

The board would like to make a list of stop signs that need to be replaced, before requesting new ones.

The board asked Higbee to check the trash cans at the arena more often.

Tasha Stout, on behalf of the Little League Board, asked if the Little League Field can become more handicapped accessible with a ramp and slip guards on the stairs. The board wondered if there was a grant available to help fund the project. The subject will be investigated further.

The board approved Nick and Amber Pearson’s map dividing their parcel into three parcels.

Skyler Smallwood plans to make a stick-built home on one acre.

The board also approved up to $5,000 on new fencing for the softball field after moving it forward to increase the detention basin size. The fence will be six feet tall. The scoreboard will also need to be moved and the sprinklers moved and fixed.

The board is waiting to hear back from county commissioner Varlin Higbee about the fleet card for fuel. He had mentioned the possibility of using a petty cash fund like a voucher, but there’s nothing definite yet.

Kris Higbee says the mower takes a tank of diesel a week. However, there is currently only one diesel can that can be filled up. Also, the dump truck isn’t starting and might be out of fuel.

Lastly, proof of insurance was provided for the all-terrain vehicle races conducted over the Fourth of July.