Dear Editor,

It was a shock to see the Panaca bombing all over the July 13 front page, and in our opinion it is in poor taste.

This anniversary could have been put in a small paragraph on the back page, without pictures. Surely there are more upbeat and positive subjects to fill the pages.

We are sure that there are those in our town that don’t want to be reminded of such a horrific incident, especially in the manner it was presented.

On another note:

In the month of May the source of water for the Panaca cemetery experienced a catastrophic failure. Consequently, the lawn went for several high temperature days without water, thus causing it to become stressed which brought unwanted weeds and bugs.

In June the Panaca town board received a rude and condemning letter from an individual who, instead of asking questions as to why the cemetery was in such “deplorable condition” in his words, decided to judge those who care for the grounds: in his words “total neglect”.

The time and effort the groundskeeper puts into caring for the cemetery is highly appreciated and commended and he goes above and beyond the responsibilities required. We can always use volunteer help in caring for our cemetery. We have a new source of water now and have reseeded the lawn. Hopefully we can get it healthy again.

As president of the Panaca Cemetery, anyone is welcome to contact me (Linda Lee) at 728-4567 if they have any questions.

Thank you,

Kim & Linda Lee