On July 11, the Pioche Chamber of Commerce held its monthly meeting. Present at the meeting were the Ron and Michelle Orr, new owners of the Gem Theater on Main Street in Pioche. This couple, who recently relocated to the county from their home in Las Vegas, is interested in restoring the Gem and returning it to its former glory, according to their statements made during the chamber’s public comment section.

“This isn’t an overnight thing”, Michelle cautioned when asked about the project. “It’ll be a year or two before everything’s running.”

Even with the eventual restoration far off, the chamber was ecstatic to hear that the stately old building will be cared for once again.

After this, the treasurer’s report was given. The chamber received quite a bit of money from the photography event in Pioche two months back, as well as receiving membership payments and a few sizable donations. The chamber also received an advertising grant for the upcoming year.

Next on the docket was the report from the Thompson Opera House, which began with the chamber noting the new coat of paint that the old building received, partially due to funds procured with assistance from the county. There was a quick review of the photography event, a report on some specialty light bulbs ordered, and the revelation that the chamber is working on getting postcards ready for the Opera House. There was also a report on the legislative meeting held in the Opera House, when cars for the event lined all the way up and down Main Street on both sides.

The last part of the report involved a presentation of Thompson’s Opera House’s Labor Day schedule, which will include fiddlers, a presentation by an archeologist, a magic show, a saloon show, and a John Wayne movie by the name of “The Man From Utah,” which just so happens to feature Pioche in all its glory.