The Pahranagat Valley Fire District met on July 17.

A public comment was made expressing that the fireworks went well and there were no injuries or fires.

The ambulance report from Ryan Rhodes was read aloud at the meeting. The district found a third ambulance, minus four-wheel drive, for around $70,000 in New Jersey. Rhodes plans to fly out and test drive the vehicle. If everything works out, he will purchase the ambulance and drive it back here.

The Fire Chief report stated that the retired North Las Vegas Fire Engine has finally been fixed, has no more leaks, and its brakes no longer lock up.

For District Management, Tracy Strong will be helping break down the profit and loss portion of the budget in Quicken to align things better with the current budget. There were 96 calls last fiscal year with 55 of them billable.

Brittany Smallwood will be teaching a class on EMT documentation to help make things more streamlined for the billing end. The importance of retrieving all contact and insurance information will be emphasized. The new billing software is still being learned. They may need another month or two before deciding to keep the new program or not.