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From left, new Caliente City Councilman Keith Comella and Mayor Victor Jones were sworn in at the council meeting Aug. 2.

The Caliente City Council held its regular meeting on Aug. 2.

Councilman John Ahlstrom participated in the meeting on speaker phone.

The first item was to approve a new pro-tem mayor until the next election. Councilman Steve Rowe made the motion to continue with Victor Jones as mayor. The motion was passed and Jones accepted the position, then was sworn in.

Keith Comella was voted in as a councilman.

Another addition to City Hall is Linda Larson-Butler as utility billing clerk.

Jones, Councilman Regan Gubler, City Clerk Ashley Weideman, and Attorney Dylan Frehner will be attending the League of Cities’ annual Convention, Sept. 13-15, in Winnemucca.

Both the city clerk and deputy city clerk will be attending the Caselle Conference, on Oct. 10-11, discussing the new software being used in the office. Their expenses will be paid, including hotel, a per diem, and use of a city car will be provided.

Approval of job description and salary range for the city attorney was tabled until all council members could have time to look over it.

Kathy LeFevre was given a business license for Highland Farms. LeFevre sells at the farmers market on Thursdays.

Victoria Gilpatrick, of the Shamrock, was approved to serve alcohol at the firestation for The Friends of N.R.A., Sept. 8.

High Country Counseling Services was approved for a business license and rental of rooms 20/23 upstairs in the depot.

There are still rooms available to rent in the Depot. Any questions can be answered by calling City Hall at 726-3131.

A letter will be sent to the Nevada Department of Wildlife with concerns about the deer problem. There will be a meeting of state wildlife commissioners, Aug. 10-11, in the Caliente Depot.

Sheriff Kerry Lee and Sergeant Chase Dirks discussed four-wheeler problems. There were comments made that people have seen some improvement as far as helmets and speed. One dad told the council that his kids were on a four-wheeler, got home, and a few minutes later a deputy was at the door, letting him know the children were riding without a helmet. The deputy then discussed the importance of helmet safety with the kids.

Lee asked that people continue report speeding and individuals not wearing helmets. Dirks added that if citizens see any deputies not doing their job, he wants to know.

Councilman George Rowe commented that the county is getting money from the state for marijuana grows and stated that it should go toward law enforcement. Around $80,000 went into the county’s general fund.

The city attorney reported that he filed a certification of insufficiency for the referendum filed in June to repeal the marijuana ordinance. The law requires that there are five registered voters supporting the petition. Only four supported the referendum. A letter was sent out explaining that there were ten allotted days to gather the necessary votes and no one responded.

Ken Dixon said he has been asking why Caliente is not growing more. Talking to people, he said the concern is that Caliente has a reputation of having drug problems and the city needs to take a more proactive approach.

Lee pointed out that the problem is all over the county, not just in Caliente.

There was public comment on the sad state of the historic Depot grounds. Facebook feedback noted that when Beverly Bywater was the groundskeeper, both the inside and outside of the Depot were “spotless.”Now, it’s no longer a place tourists want to photograph.