On Wednesday, August 8, the Pioche Chamber of Commerce met to discuss its plans for the coming month, including the much-anticipated Labor Day Celebration.

While the meeting didn’t meet the requirements for a quorum, due to the absence of the vice-president of the chamber, upcoming events were still discussed, along with other projects currently in progress.

One of the first things to come up was the need for volunteers to run the Chicken Chucking, Mucking, and Car Show events during Labor Day. There were a few names thrown around, but when it came to the mucking event and the mining games, the chamber came to the agreement that there is not a lot of interest in these activities. The last of the miners from back in the day are gone, and there are few people, if any, with the experience or the desire to run these events. Nevertheless, the other two events still require volunteers and the chamber would be very grateful for assistance.

Next, the chamber discussed the lights which were purchased for the Pioche sign at the intersection of the highway and Main Street. The chamber intends to buy lights for at least two other signs around town.

After this, the chamber announced that it will not be continuing the wreath fundraiser since the profit margins are too low and there is not sufficient participation around the community to justify the titanic efforts required to run such a fundraiser.

The subject of beautification came up once again, and the chamber announced that it is almost ready to submit files on different houses around town to the county. The chamber is also preparing to act on various fire hazards and safety concerns around town, starting with abandoned properties. The need for these changes has never been so great, since people have been calling, trying to figure out how to move to the mountainside community. These decrepit properties take up valuable space and limit the options for those who want to call Pioche home.

The meeting finished with the chamber reporting on the banners and poles it intends to put up around town, hopefully before Labor Day.

With that, the meeting was adjourned. The chamber will meet again in two months, after a necessary rest following the Labor Day celebration.