On Thursday, August 9, the Lincoln County school board met to discuss the issues facing our schools in preparation for the upcoming school year. While everyone enjoyed their time off and was surprised by how quickly the summer ended, they were excited to get back to work.

The lone school report was from Caliente Elementary. They discussed how their teachers were excited to return to work and get back into the Summit Learning program. To that end, Caliente Elementary is planning a presentation for parents and the community as a whole. They also reported on the mental health meeting that some of their faculty attended, stating that they hope to see more such meetings. The school district explained that it does have plans for more meetings down the line, specifically one in Alamo.

The board then focused on approving new employees being brought into the district. Those employees were Ashley Church, hired on at Caliente Elementary as a paraprofessional, and Derek Hansen, hired as a bus driver for the county.

There was also the business of some information that was changed in the drug and alcohol policy, most of which was focused on removing redundant information. There were, however, some additions that recognized that, while the state sees the use of marijuana as legal, the school district still expects its employees to uphold its standards.

During discussion, other new employees, hired for the upcoming school year, were introduced, including a new counselor for Lincoln County High School, Christa White, who has worked in Clark County from pre-k all the way up to twelfth grade and is nationally recognized as a counselor. The board welcomed White to the community, as well Jady Whipple (a part-time math teacher), and Chrisanne Walch, another new paraprofessional.

After a short Nevada Association of School Boards report, the board shared its thoughts on being excited for the school year and hopeful that the Summit Learning program being rolled out across the county will be as successful as it has been in Pioche.

After this came the superintendent’s comments, which highlighted the new bullying reporting service in the county, SafeVoice.

Superintendent Pam Teel also worked with the board to schedule upcoming training meetings and brought up how much the district appreciates those that serve the schools, like Lincoln County Telephone.

The meeting was then adjourned until next month.