By KyLee Cameron

On Aug. 17, the Lincoln County High football team had their first scrimmage in White Pine. Overall, the team did well. They didn’t want to show too much in a scrimmage, but what they did show was successful and encouraging to see.

Coach Raymond Wadsworth said, “The biggest changes we need to make is having every kid know their assignment and doing their part to make the team better. The players need to focus on the team as a whole and what they can do to improve as a team instead of just themselves.”

However, the Wadsworth added the players are working well together and there is good communication between the players and the coaches.

Noah Smith and Kamdon Lewis are two players that stood out during the scrimmage. The coach says their speed is important and really helps the team. Other players who stood out are the quarterbacks and linebackers. They are both accomplishing what they need to and play a big role in the team’s success.

“As a whole, everyone did well. The team itself really impressed us as a coaching staff,” Wadsworth said.

The team’s strong point right now seems to be the players putting the team first. The coach feels like it is often hard to explain to players that, although they are good at one position, the team may need them in another one. This year, however, the players are all about what is going to be good for the team and are willing to go wherever the team needs them.

Junior Dean Ottley said, “The scrimmage went really well for us; we are very strong on both sides of the ball. We have speed on our side, and speed kills. Looking at what we accomplished at the scrimmage, this should be a great year as long as we all stay healthy.”

It seems to be a promising season for the football team as they push themselves and continue to work as a team to get better together.

The football team’s first game will be Aug. 24 in Panaca against Battle Mountain. Junior Varsity will play at 4 p.m. and varsity will play at 7 p.m.