The Caliente City Council met on August 16.

Mayor Victor Jones’ appointment to fill the vacancy on the Lincoln County Regional Transportation Commission passed.

A motion to fill the vacancy on the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority was tabled.

A motion to fill the vacancy on the Lincoln County Southeastern Habitat Conservation Plan Committee was passed.

Sue Roberts requested a zone change for houses 12 and 13 on Company Row from General Commercial (c-3) and Highway Commercial (HC) to Single Family Residence (R1). The property on Company Row is Zoned General Commercial and Highway Commercial and that makes it harder to sell as Single Family Residences. The buyers want it as a home, but because of the zoning the rate will be 9.5 percent. As a result, the planning board plans to discuss changing the east side of Company Row to residential.

Two residents are still needed to fill the planning board but their appointment was tabled so that a few councilmen can visit with the candidates. It was suggested that the deadline for the appointment be the week before the next council meeting, in order to give everyone time to talk to applicants. Applicants include Sean FitzSimons, Jamin Hunter, Sheryl Johnson, and Keith Larson.

During public comment, Larson said that if he isn’t appointed to a seat, he will still be attending each planning meeting as the board has a lot to do with his job.

The council decided not to move forward with the approved Community Development Block Grant Waterline Project.

The job description and salary for city attorney were discussed. Dylan Frehner has received four packets and three others have expressed interest. Some of the applicants want to talk to each councilman individually. Frehner also said that DA Hooge has submitted his resignation as Sept. 14. Therefore, Frehner could be appointed as soon as Sept 15.

The final decision for city attorney will be on the agenda for the September 6 or Sept. 20 meeting.

Public Works Manager Jerry Carter said he would like another board/committee set up for interviews for the journeyman/lineman position. City workers are required to reside within the city limits and Carter is concerned that that will impact people’s interest in the job. A board was set up to review the issue, comprised of Jones, Councilman Steve Rowe, a lineman from the city crew, City Clerk Ashley Weideman, and Carter.

Rowe said they had already received applications.

Updating the Caliente Employee Handbook was tabled. Also tabled was a proposal from Nevada Central Media to redesign the City of Caliente’s webpage, effective September 1.

Joe Livreri had been asked to attend the meeting to explain the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) priority list. However, Livreri was unable to attend.

Rowe stated that NDF used to help a lot with clean up, but Pioche and Panaca aren’t getting the service they once had. Revising the NDF’s priority list, where Caliente now sits at number eight, will be helpful. At Carter’s request, the council put Livreri on the next agenda.

The next meeting will be Sept 6.