Dylan Frehner was officially appointed the permanent replacement for District Attorney Daniel Hooge, who is leaving the position to become chief bar counsel for the state of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Commission members made the decision at their regular meeting on Aug. 20 in Pioche.

Hooge said he thought a different term needed to be used in the official motion, not referring to Frehner as the interim district attorney, but rather as the “permanent replacement.”

He explained the reason for using specific language in the motion is because, “Technically, when you say interim, it is just for 60 days until you bring in a replacement. I think what you really want to do is nominate him as the replacement until the next election. Permanent replacement allows him to finish out the unexpired term.”

Commissioners passed the motion unanimously.

Frehner won the election during the primary in June and will run unopposed in the November election and be officially sworn in as district attorney Jan. 1, 2019.

In the meantime, Hooge is moving to the office of chief bar counsel. He explained this is an agency of the state supreme court and is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct by lawyers, prosecuting the cases where a lawyer’s misconduct poses a threat to the public or to the integrity of the legal profession, and maintaining current records of disciplinary information for lawyers licensed to practice law in the state.

The purpose of attorney discipline is to protect the public and the administration of justice from attorneys who have not discharged their professional duties to clients, the public, the legal system, and the legal profession.

Hooge said there is an office of investigators in Las Vegas, and a smaller office in Reno, so he expects he will be having to travel between the two offices from time to time.

Hooge is a 2007 graduate of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University and served as Lincoln County Assistant District Attorney since 2010.

Hooge wanted to wait until a bit later to begin his new position, “but they want me to start right away.”

He thinks Sept. 15 will be his final day in office in Lincoln County.