Lincoln County High School volleyball is back at it with a promising season ahead. Chantel Holt is taking on her second year as varsity coach, with Michelle Smith as the assistant/JV coach.

Last season, the girls earned the third seed in the 2A Southern League with a 13-12 overall record and an 11-4 league record. The Lady Lynx lost to the second seed, Calvary. However, the team is ready for a clean slate and a new year.

Holt said, “I tend to let things go. Every year is different. We’ll pick a couple things to learn from, but I don’t try to compare year to year because it’s a totally different group of girls, totally different dynamic, totally different leadership. It’s never identical.”

The program lost three seniors. However, there are five returning seniors. Kendra Mathews and KyLee Cameron are the team’s middle blockers. Baylee Cameron returns as an outside/opposite hitter. Keely Jackson is the libero. Marinda Lamb is the returning setter.

Holt said, “All of the returning players have played a pretty good amount on varsity. We have the potential to do a lot of good things this year. It’s really going to depend on the girls and their attitude and their outlook and how they work together. A lot is possible if they all work on attitude, communication, and effort. Every season is what the girls make of it.”

The varsity team is made up a little differently this year, compared to the last couple years. There are five more upcoming players on varsity, four of whom are sophomores. Sadie Soderborg, an outside hitter, is the only junior. Gwendolyn Lamb and Ellie Frehner are setters. Josee Lytle is another outside hitter.

Holt said, “We are just working with a different group of girls than we thought we would. But like I said, things change and every year is different, so we’re just going to roll with what we’re given.”

With just one returning setter, there are a few things that are being forced into play. The team already ran with a 5-1 (five hitters, one setter) last season, with the option of 4-2 (four hitters, two setters). Since the girls already have experience with this, it won’t be a major shift, but it is most likely the only option.

The obvious goal is to make it to state, but Holt has a few smaller goals she wants to use as stepping stones to get there.

“I really want to see the team gel and own the culture of the program.”

She added, “There are expectations and everyone has an opportunity if they come prepared. We’re looking for attitude, effort, willingness to communicate and work with others. I do have goals in that general area, but in reality it’s really just to see the girls do the best they can do and have fun.”

The Lady Lynx traveled to Ely on August 17 to participate in a scrimmage. Pahranagat Valley and West Wendover were also there.

Holt mentioned, “The competition was pretty even. There was no team that seemed to be way over another. However, we have five returning seniors, and most teams only have two or three. That doesn’t mean we are going to go and kill every team but I think it gives us a slight advantage.”

Lincoln first scrimmaged PVHS, then West Wendover and White Pine. The score was not kept in any of these matches.

Holt said, “I think it went really well. The girls seem pretty confident and I think for a very first day, only having about four or five practices altogether, we did well.”

The girls return to Ely for the White Pine Invitational this weekend.