Courtesy photo
Lincoln County High School student council with popular public speaker Clint Pulver, sixth from the right. Pulver spoke to school district staff, students, and parents Aug. 15.

After speaking to Meadow Valley Middle School and Lincoln County High School about eight months ago, Clint Pulver returned to Lincoln County on Aug. 15.

Pulver speaks all over the world, is an actor, and an established drummer. Using his experiences, he entertains, teaches, and motivates everyone he speaks to.

Pulver first gave a presentation to all the elementary school students in the north of the county. Alamo’s schools came up to Panaca and joined Lincoln for the presentation.

A theme this year was “20 Seconds of Insane Courage.” Pulver taught the students that sitting back and waiting for something to happen can cause you to miss out on a great opportunity, the help you need, or an opportunity to help someone else. During Pulver’s presentation last year, Abigail Loverme demonstrated that courage by being brave enough to go up on stage and sing to the audience. This year, Jarret Magnum and Addison Maxwell were asked to open and drink a water bottle without using their hands. As soon as Pulver said “go,” students from the crowd jumped up to help them. He taught the students that that’s how quick we need to be to help someone with a bad day or anything that they need. He continued to motivate students to be kind and help each other out.

Pulver also mentioned a rising concern in today’s society: mental health. He encouraged students to seek out the help they need and look for others who seem to be struggling.

He once again reiterated his motto of being the best for the world instead of being the best in the world.

After Pulver spoke to all the schools, the student governments gathered for a leadership training. Every student was given a bucket and two drumsticks. They were split up into three teams and each team was given a different rhythm. Then they had to put it all together.

Student body president Noah Smith said, “This training taught us to work with people we wouldn’t normally work with. It helped us to communicate better as a group and listen to each other. Clint told us to create something together and that’s what we did.”