Collin Anderson
Motorcycle racers ride through Main Street in Panaca as part of the Silver State Trail Blazers’ Motorcycle Club race, held Aug. 25.

Flanked by police vehicles and onlookers, hundreds of dirt bikes rode through Panaca on Aug. 25 like a herd of steel horses.

The sound that accompanied them was like being in the middle of a wild thunderstorm, and as they passed, those that watched the procession waved and cheered.

It was the seventh annual Hare and Hound Muley Run, put on by the NHHA, MRAN, and the Silver State Trail Blazers’ Motorcycle Club.

Mark Wright announced the event on Saturday, filling in for Chris Johnson, and provided a rundown of the event, as well as some context for the races. Hailing from Arizona, where he’s raced “for a long, long time,” Wright explained that the races count towards national rankings.

“A lot of the boys who are here are chasing their American Motorcycle Association national points,” he noted.

The races varied in length and requirements, with the earlier races specifically for youth, while races later in the day were run by adults and long-time riders. The earliest race in the day was over eight miles long and was run by individuals ranging in ages from 7 to 16. The next event was run by racers ages 4 to 8 and consisted of a 1.2-mile loop.

From there, the hardcore racers took the field, with the national race consisting of two loops. The first was 45 miles, and the second was 35. This was the most grueling of the events. No serious injuries were reported, but fatigue and bruises were common among participants.

Despite the demands of the races, all in attendance were in high spirits, happy to enjoy another day on the track. Points and awards were handed out, pictures were taken, and the riders were able to enjoy the company of those that understood the draw of high octane, high adventure sports.

A number of locals participated in the race. Results will be made available online at