The cross country team ran in the Labor Day annual 5k race in Pioche.

Hayden Showell was the team’s first finisher at 24:31. Chance Christensen finished at 24:40. Jarret Magnum was a few minutes behind at 27:32. Ashton Showell finished at 29:56.

Auston Marshall was unable to race due to not having enough practices in. He ran a 5k in practice, to see how he would’ve done, and finished at 23:49.

Coach Lacee Pearson was very pleased with the results.

“Hayden did really well,” she said. “His time really improved from the Southern Utah University meet last weekend. I was also very pleased with Auston’s time. The course was tougher in Pioche because of the higher altitude and things, but everyone still did really well. I know we have a small team, but I still very much hope to qualify for state.”

On Sept. 8, the team travels to Las Vegas for the Larry Burgess-Las Vegas Invitational.