The Lincoln County High football team got off to a fast start and was victorious over White Pine last Friday, winning their second game of the season, 46-15.

The Lynx came out swinging with a touchdown pass from Alex Vincent to Mason Thornock. White Pine then fumbled the kickoff return and Kobe Kelley recovered the ball. Soon after, Noah Smith rushed for the second touchdown of the night.

The Lynx defense held the Bobcats back for the turnover. Close to the goal line, Noah Smith ran it in for the third touchdown of the quarter.

At the start of the second quarter, Mason Thornock snatched an interception. On the next play, the ball was handed off to Thornock for yet another touchdown.

Lynx coach Raymond Wadsworth brought in the JV players, and the Bobcats began to pick it up, making their first touchdown of the game late in the first half to make the score 24-8 after a two-point conversion.

To start off the third quarter, White Pine recovered a botched punt and scored their second touchdown.

After a strong kick return from Thornock, Kamdon Lewis ran the ball in for yet another touchdown. Late in the third, Hagen Boyce got an interception and the Lynx took a knee, bringing the quarter to an end.

The fourth quarter started fast, with Lewis scoring a touchdown for the Lynx from the 30-yard line. For the two-point conversion, Lincoln faked a kick and passed the ball to Smith, who ran it into the end zone.

Getting held again, White Pine punted the ball and Smith made the catch, giving the Lynx possession. The Lynx gained ground and handed the ball off to Mason Thornock, who ran it in for the last touchdown.

Wadsworth was very pleased with how the team worked together.

“This team has something special about it and something to prove,” he said.

The Lynx will be traveling to Las Vegas to play the Meadows Mustangs on Sept. 14 at 7 p.m.