Caliente’s City Council gathered for its meeting on Sept. 6.

The council decided it will keep the same assignment as the past with Keith Comella taking over the Boxcar Museum and tourism. For choice of Mayor Pro-Tem, Mayor Victor Jones said that he thought it fair it go to Councilman Ahlstrom, Councilman Steve Rowe held the position for three years and Ahlstrom was the only one elected by the people to the council. All voted for this.

The council agreed to have George T. Rowe continue on the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority board with Jones as his alternate.

The council voted to approve Nevada Central Media, owned by Ben Rowley, to redesign the city of Caliente’s website.

Sheryl Johnson and Jamin Hunter were appointed to the planning commission.

A request was put in by the Caliente Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) requesting a donation of $65 towards the 2018-2019 school year. The PTO is offering a $65 sponsorship package, which will include highlighting a business’ name and information at school events.

The question arose as to whether or not seasonal employees should be allowed to be hired without council approval. At a previous meeting, it was determined that a pool of temporary employees should be created. In case of a vacancy, a supervisor can then draw a name from the pool. The supervisor will then inform the council at the next meeting. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

The journeyman lineman position remains vacant. There are six qualified applicants. A panel consisting of Jones, Rowe, Journeyman Lineman David Smith, and Public Works Manager Jerry Carter will be conducting the interviews. The hope is that the position can be filled by the Nov. 15 council meeting.

The Beautification Committee will be selling T-shirts from their office.

Lincoln County High School wants to have the Homecoming bonfire at the Industrial Park. The city is covered by the school’s insurance and students will be bussed in.

Donna Mae Harrison showed pictures of the sidewalk in front of her home on Main Street, saying repairs are a matter of safety. Carter told her there are no funds available and suggested she talk to county commissioners.

Keith Larsen encouraged everyone to attend the second Impacts on Mountain Biking meeting Sept. 11 at 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Council Chambers.

Ahlstrom commented on the ongoing weed problem he has noticed in the city.

The next council meeting will be September 20.