Monday, Sept. 10, the Panaca town board held its regularly scheduled meeting. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the floor was opened to public comment, of which there was only one.

City manager Wes Reed reported, on behalf of a third party, that people have been putting their garbage on the streets without realizing that Panaca has no formal waste management system. This has resulted in wild animals getting into the trash and spreading it around the neighborhood. The board determined that the individuals in question should be informed of the matter, but agreed that it was an innocent oversight.

The board then approved the minutes and agenda, as well as the bills, before moving on to board business, which was centered on the removal of the secondary fence between the public utilities property and the town board building. During the last meeting, Reed pointed out that the second fence is redundant and that having two fences along the property line makes it extremely difficult to properly clean the area.

The board quickly approved the removal of the fencing, as long as the poles remain, just in case public utilities ever remove their fence.

In the reports section of the meeting, it was mentioned that the cemetery’s weeds are unsightly and persistent, proving resistant to all attempts to remove them. The city plans on doing a soil sample test in the near future to determine the cause.

One of the members of the board asked if there is any possibility of adding more trees to the cemetery, but the proliferation of beetles in the area, combined with the possibility of bad soil, make the chances of new trees surviving slim.

Once the reports were submitted, there was a final report given concerning the audit conducted last month. According to that audit, almost everything has been accounted for except for one wheelbarrow that can’t be found, but could possibly be in the possession of one of the many fire crews, and a red swivel chair that no one seems to remember purchasing or even seeing.

With that, the meeting was adjourned until Oct. 8.