Dana Lee Freund
Classic cars lined up outside the Side Track Restaurant in Caliente. The restaurant held a car show four Fridays in a row in August.

Caliente’s Side Track Restaurant held a “Rock the Block, Old Fashioned Show ’n Shine” four Fridays in a row in August.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycle enthusiasts participated from throughout Lincoln County and brought their rides to the restaurant.

Folks enjoyed food, friends, and an old-fashioned gathering of “chrome candy fun.” Officers from the Lincoln County sheriff’s office also participated.

“We started out slow, and in four weeks it had built up to a great community event,” said Mary Love, co-owner of the restaurant. “We are just thrilled at the turn out and all of the community who came to look and enjoy the Show ’n Shine.”

Burt Mangum, who brought out several of his own vehicles and family members, wants the event to continue. “We hope they keep doing this,” he said. “This is so fun to see all of these different cars and bikes and just have fun.”

Paul Freund, 84, brought his ’78 Chevy Malibu Wagon to all four shows. The car took the People’s Choice Award at the award ceremony at the Shamrock Pub.

“Dad was so tickled,” said his son, Ted Freund, who received the award on his behalf.

Tall Bike Ed, owned by Edward Freund, sponsored the car games and co-sponsored the bicycle awards.

“We had such a good time playing games, talking about cars, trucks, and bikes, and seeing how much fun the crowds were having looking at all of the entries,” he said. “We look forward to doing this once a month at Side Track.”

Edward Freund had his wife’s 1955, electric clover green Chevy Stepside “Mei Cushala” on display at the show.

Side Track Restaurant co-owner Jamie VanRoekel hopes to create more events and food specials for people to continue to enjoy. The restaurant partnered with the Shamrock Pub, which sponsored the Sheila Wright Show and award ceremony.

“We really did rock the whole block,” VanRoekel said. “Cars were lined up from Side Track to the end of the block.”