Courtesy Photo Baylee Cameron goes up for the hit against Adelson in Las Vegas.

The Lady Lynx had a busy weekend of volleyball.

They started off with their first league matches, losing twice to The Meadows School, last year’s state champions, and state runners-up three years ago.

Meadows started out with the serve. Lynx got at side out, but gave it right back. They continued to trade points, with Meadows winning more and more points each time. Lincoln’s serve-receive struggled to get apass up, enabling only a few attacks at the net. Meadows took the win, 25-6.

Baylee Cameron had two kills.

During the second set, Lincoln served first, getting two points right off the bat. They went back and forth, Meadows in the lead, but Lincoln on their tail. However, once again, Lincoln let Meadow’s serves get to them and fell behind. They struggled to take care of the ball and keep it in the court to finish a play. Meadows won 25-10.

Kendra Mathews and Sadie Soderborg each had one kill.

In the first game of the second natch, Meadows took the lead, 4-0, with serves. Lincoln fought hard and continued to trade points and stay right behind, but Meadows served the rest of the way to 25. However, Lincoln was more aggressive during this game.

KyLee Cameron had five digs, Marinda Lamb had four, and Baylee Cameron and Soderborg had two. Mathews had three kills in this game.

The final game was similar to all the others. Meadows came out with some hard serves and hits. Lincoln battled, but couldn’t pull through.

Baylee Cameron had another two digs, plus one kill, and KyLee Cameron had four digs, plus two kills. Keely Jackson had one dig.

Coach Chantel Holt said, “We expected them to be good. When we were getting passes, we were competing with them. We just need the mindset that no ball touches the ground. Kendra and KyLee did a great job shutting them down on the net and with their passes.”

The girls returned to Las Vegas on Monday to play the Adelson Lions. Lincoln started out with the ball. They took the lead, 6-0, and let Adelson catch up, 6-4. Adelson was a lot slower than Meadows. The girls made little mistakes that turned into big points for the other team. Lincoln won, 25-20. Baylee Cameron and Soderborg had two digs. Jackson and Alexis Barton each had one. KyLee Cameron and Barton had two kills.

Lincoln won the second game, 25-19. KyLee Cameron had three digs, Mathews had four, and Barton and Ellie Frehner each had two.

In the second match, Lincoln took it to the other team, at last, winning the first game 25-9. Gwendolyn Lamb and Josee Lytle each had one dig. Soderborg and Lytle each had one kill.

Lincoln then backtracked and allowed Adelson to take the game, 25-23, from them, forcing them to play a third.

Jackson had three digs in this set; Frehner had one. Lamb and Mathews each had one kill. KyLee Cameron had two.

The final game was to 15 and the Lynx started out with the serve. Knowing time was short, Lincoln worked hard to take the lead early. They won 15-9. KyLee Cameron had another two kills in this game.

Coach Holt said, “Adelson is a newer team and we used this time to really get all our players on the court. It took a toll on the score to have some of our starting seniors sitting, but it was a really positive experience for our back-up setter and hitters.”

This week, Lincoln plays their Homecoming game against Lake Mead at 3 and 4 p.m.