The Alamo Town Board met September 19.

Kris Higbee reported that a valve needs to be fixed in the row of trees at the fields. The water is not turning on for two of the trees. Higbee also requested the purchase of a gas-operated push mower and a weed whacker.

Robert Park is picking up bulbs and sensors for the rodeo grounds.

The suggestion was made to invest in LED lights for future installations.

There is a leak coming from the Little League building that needs to be addressed.

Mike Sparrow asked permission to start the process of moving the softball field fencing and sprinkler system to accommodate the changes needed. Sparrow is waiting for a quote on materials but it should be under $1,000. He needs to redo two stations and close gaps between sprinklers so they are spaced 40 feet or closer. Sparrow also needs to dig a trench to relocate a valve in the system to across the field.

Sparrow asked if a two-inch line could be put in the trench to make it easier to eventually tie into the irrigation. He estimated that moving the fence will create 17,000 square feet of sod. Only 4,000 square feet are needed for the job, so the suggestion was made to use some of it for the children’s park by the T-ball field. Any extra sod leftover will possibly be sold to add to the softball fund. The board plans on renting a sod cutter for the project towards the beginning of October. The board also approved ordering up to $900 worth of dirt for the fields, to be delivered by January.

There was a situation at the Alamo Rodeo Grounds where some cows got loose and walked around town. The board discussed the policies of arena use. Currently, the policy states that if someone uses the arena, they need to pay for the use. Nonprofits are charged $100 a day and others are charged $200 a day. The board is looking into a facility-use agreement to hold people liable for use of the grounds. Any unauthorized use would end up with a fine that doubles the fee.

The memorandum is finished listing the responsibilities for the high school ball field with the school district and is being looked over.

The new district attorney, Dylan Frehner, announced he will be in town every Wednesday, so the town board is planning to have meetings on Wednesday while he is in town.

The board is still waiting on news on Fleet cards for the town.

The dump truck is having trouble and needs to be fixed again. Finally, the board is also still trying to locate as-builts for the rodeo grounds and park.