Dave Maxwell
Senator Dean Heller attends a Community Cares Day dinner at Rose Park in Caliente Sept. 23. He is running for reelection against Democrat challenger Jackie Rosen.

Fulfilling an earlier campaign promise, Senator Dean Heller, R-Nev., returned to Lincoln County on Sept. 23, visiting Caliente’s Rose Park.

He attended a gathering for a Dutch Oven dinner at the park, serving as a kick off to Community Cares Days in Caliente, the beginning of the shoe distribution program run annually by Bob and Sandy Ellis of Las Vegas.

On Sept. 20, Heller attended a Las Vegas rally supporting his reelection bid to the Senate, which featured President Donald Trump as the keynote speaker. He said the president plans to make a return trip to Nevada before the November election.

Accompanying Heller was former U.S. House Representative Cresent Hardy, who is running to return to the House, and Wes Duncan, candidate for Nevada State attorney general. Current Attorney General Adam Laxalt is running for governor. Hardy and Duncan also made short remarks to the crowd at Rose Park.

The Ellis’ have been donating shoes to all the school children in Lincoln County for the past several years and come up each September to oversee the measuring of students’ feet, done at Caliente Elementary as students are bussed in from other towns.

They also give varying monetary donations to each of the elementary and middle schools, and $2,500 each to the three high schools, including C.O. Bastian.

The Ellis’ also give shoe donations to about 20 other lower-income schools in Clark County. This past spring, a new elementary school in Las Vegas was named for the Ellis’.

Heller noted that, while in Las Vegas, President Trump went to the Veterans Hospital, “and while there he signed the bill to fund the military, veterans, and Department of Defense, allowing veterans to be able to get the health care they need at nearby clinics without always having to go to a VA hospital, and allowing for those services to be paid for by the VA. This president supports the military and the veterans.”

Heller also spoke about the close race for Senate he is in with Democrat challenger Jackie Rosen, a member of the House of Representatives.

He said, “If I win, the Republicans are guaranteed to retain control in the Senate. If I lose, it’s going to be harder. Not to say they couldn’t keep it, but it would be harder, and that’s why this Nevada race is so important.”

He said Rosen, if elected, “will care little for anything outside of Las Vegas, and you can tell by the way in which she is campaigning. Over Labor Day, which is the kick-off for the race, she did not attend any of the holiday parades, one in Elko, one in Winnemucca, one in Fallon, or the rib cook-off in Reno/Sparks. She was the only statewide candidate to refuse to attend any of those events. And she has refused to debate me. I doubt that she will even come to Lincoln County, because she doesn’t want to talk to anybody.”

He concluded by saying, “In this election, we have a chance to send a message. We are looking toward the future with the economic boom and growth created by this president. On the other hand, my opponent wants to turn the clock back. If you want to go back to the Obama era of higher taxes and more government regulations, then there is a candidate out there that will do that. But with a continued Republican-controlled Congress, there is an opportunity for our current economic growth to go on for years.”