Courtesy Photo The Lincoln County High School volleyball team took on Lake Mead in Panaca on Sept. 21.

Kendra Mathews dominated the net in the Sept. 21 homecoming game against Lake Mead Christian Academy.

The Lady Lynx took their time to warm up in the beginning of the first game. After letting Lake Mead serve to them 8-0, Lincoln finally began to inch back up point by point. Lynx were still down 9-12 until Baylee Cameron was up to serve. She consecutively put every ball in and the rest of the team took care of the ball so she could keep it up. That put Lynx ahead 17-12. Trading points til the end, the Lady Lynx managed to stay ahead and won 25-23.

Baylee Cameron had 5 good digs and 1 kill. Keely Jackson had 3 digs with no errors. Kendra Mathews had 2 digs and 3 kills. Sadie Soderborg had 2 digs and 1 kill. KyLee Cameron had 2 kills.

Lake Mead started out with the serve, Lincoln was able to get it back right away. The teams traded points until Mathews served them up 8-5. Lincoln stayed pretty far ahead until Lake Mead took the chance for a run of serves, tying the score at 18-18. Lincoln gave up another point and the serve, allowing Lake Mead to take it all the way up 23-19. The Lady Lynx didn’t have enough chances to get back up and they lost that set.

KyLee Cameron had another 3 kills. Mathews also had 3 more. Jackson also had a kill.

The third set of the first game was only to 15 and Lake Mead was once again serving first. The teams were neck and neck, both were taking turns being in the lead. The teams tied at 13-13 and Lincoln dropped the ball. With only one point to go, Lake Mead served and Lincoln fell short.

Luckily for Lincoln, they had a whole another game to play. Both teams played pretty evenly, it was another tight game. KyLee Cameron stepped up to serve and got a run of 4 points, giving Lynx the lead 11-8. Soderborg got another crucial run of serves to keep us in the lead when Lake Mead would get a few points. The girls fought for each point, some rallies seemed endless. Lincoln won 25-20.

Kendra Mathews had 3 solo blocks.

The final game was once again another evenly matched intense one. Mathews served Lincoln up 7-4. However, Lake Mead got it back and took the lead 10-8 in the next couple plays. They were steadily in the lead 23-19. Alexis Barton served and the girls fought to keep their run. They tied the game up 23-23. Lincoln played hard to keep Lake Mead from taking this final game from them. They won 27-25 with some serves from KyLee Cameron.

Coach Holt said, “I think the first game was due to nerves and not playing as aggressively as we should. It was a pretty evenly matched game, but if our net play had been as strong as it could be it would’ve been a different game. The second game the girls saw that and began to do something about it.”

This weekend, September 28-29, the girls head to Las Vegas for the Boulder City Invitational.