Morgan Stackhouse
Lincoln County High School senior Kamdon Lewis stretches for the catch during his team’s 65-0 homecoming win against Lake Mead.

The Lincoln County High Football team dominated over the Lake Mead Eagles on Sept. 21 for the homecoming game, beating them 65-0.

At kickoff, Senior Kamdon Lewis receives the ball and gains yards for the Lynx. Then, in the first minute of the game, Sophomore Cody Ziles hands the ball off to Noah Smith and he runs it in for the first touchdown. The Lynx run good defense and hold the Eagles back. As a last resort, the Eagles punt the ball and Senior Noah Smith receives it.

Continuing to push past Lake Mead, the Lynx get in a good position to score. Cody Ziles, Quarterback, fakes the handoff and runs it in for another touchdown.

The Lynx hold the eagles and quickly get the ball back. Soon, Noah Smith gets the ball and dives in for a touchdown. The eagles get the ball and start to gain yards. But, Cody Ziles plays good defense and causes the eagles to turn over the ball.

With the Lynx having possession, Cody Ziles passes the ball to Sophomore Matthew Hafen for yet another touchdown. Holding them back, the Lynx get the ball again and senior Kamdon Lewis runs it in for a touchdown, bringing the first quarter to an end.

Starting off the second quarter, Noah Smith pushes through the eagles defense bringing the Lynx closer to the endzone. For the next play, Cody Ziles fakes the handoff and pitches it to Noah Smith, running it in for the sixth touchdown of the night. Once the eagles have the ball they start to push past. However, the Lynx pick up their defense and hold them. Kamdon Lewis blocks the eagles punt and the Lynx recover the ball close to the endzone. Ready to go, Lewis is handed the ball and he runs it in for a touchdown, he also gets the two point conversion. Frustrated, the eagles work hard and push past the Lynx defense bringing them close to a touchdown. With time running out the eagles throw it and the pass is intercepted by Kamdon Lewis,stopping them from scoring and ending the second quarter.

At halftime the eagles are receiving the ball with a score of 44-0.

The third quarter starts fast with Noah Smith running the ball 81 yds for a touchdown. The Lynx keep up with their good defense and leave the eagles with nothing to do. Slowly, the Lynx gain yards. They keep with their plan to run and hand off the ball to junior Dean Ottley who runs it in for a touchdown to end the quarter.

The fourth quarter comes quick as Sophomore Kobe Kelley starts it off with an interception to keep the eagles from scoring. The Lynx move closer and hand the ball off to junior Mason Thornock who gets the last touchdown for the Lynx. With the clock running the eagles do everything they can do get a touchdown but the Lynx defense is too strong. They hold them back once again and get the turnover. As the game comes to an end the Lynx take a knee to finish it.

The defensive stats were led by Kobe Kelley with 7 tackles, Mason Thornock had 6; McKinley O’Connor and Hagen Boyce both had 5.

Smith led the offensive stats with a total of 249 yds, Mason Thornock had 55 yds and Kamdon Lewis had 53 yds. Matthew Hafen was the only receiver of the game.

Coach Wadsworth was very pleased with the game, he felt like everyone did well. “Overall it went really well. Everyone participated and I’m very pleased with where we are right now.” he said. Wadsworth is looking forward to playing Needles and feels like the team needs to play a good competitive game to prepare themselves and see where they stand.

The Lynx next game will be Friday Sept. 28. They will be hosting the Needles Mustangs. There will be JV games at 4 and Varsity will play at 7.