1. Why are you running for this office?

I don’t think anyone would run for a public office unless they thought they could do a better job, and I certainly feel that way. But moreover, I have a vision as to what the recorder’s position could become. I believe I can bring great value to the post and to the citizens of our county. My ultimate goal is to protect the rural small-town values that we enjoy today and preserve those values for generations to come.

2. Where are you from?

I was born in a Navy hospital in Oakland, California, while my dad was serving in the military. We moved to Nevada in 1969. I attended elementary, middle school, high school, and community college in Las Vegas. My wife and I moved to Lincoln County five years ago because most of our grandchildren live here.

3. Local family?

My wife and I have been married for 37 years and have four children of our own, and helped to raise several others in our home. Our daughter, Andrea Dougan, lives in Panaca with our five, soon to be six, grandchildren. My middle son, Alex, and his son, Robert, live with my wife and I. Our youngest son, Jacob, also officially resides with us, although he is attending school in Cedar City most of the time.

4. What do you think are your qualifications?

I think first and foremost my service in the Nevada State Legislature has prepared me for the position of recorder/auditor. As a state assemblyman, I had the privilege of working with many different personalities and office holders and learned by experience how to work with them to get the state’s business done. I know from those experiences that an elected official will have a hard time getting anything done if they can’t get along with other elected officials.

I know how to build the coalitions needed to get the county’s business done.

I also know that running a political office is more than just making good policy decisions; it requires managing people. A candidate may have a great working knowledge regarding policies and procedures, but without a background in management they will have a hard time moving their agenda forward. In the past 20 years, I managed as many as 11 people at one time. Management skills only come with experience, and I have the experience needed to be successful in the recorder’s office.

5. Have you served in this office or a similar capacity before?

I have served two terms in the Nevada State Assembly.

6. What do you think are the major issues facing Lincoln County that you would try to work on?

I think the most important issue facing our county today is water. Clark County has been coming after our water for decades, and although they have had some recent setbacks, the fight is far from over. This responsibility is primarily on the shoulders of our county commission; however every elected official at the courthouse can play their part. I want to use the recorder’s budget directing/advising authority to help the county commission find the funds to fight for our water. I feel it would be my responsibility to make sure our commissioners have sufficient funds to properly mount any legal challenges that may arise in the future.

Another important issue to me is bringing more governmental services to the Pahranagat Valley. I want to work with our county clerk and make sure she has the funds to at least offer early voting there one weekend per election cycle.

I also have a plan in place that will require the cooperation of all the elected officials at the courthouse. Every elected office in Pioche has assistants. I propose opening a satellite office each Monday at the courthouse annex in Alamo, which would be staffed by one of those assistants from the various offices. One assistant would be sent on a rotational basis each Monday and act as a liaison between the customer and the office for which that customer has business. I’m sure there would be complicated issues to consider with this proposal, but if the elected officials can agree in principle to the concept, then I’m sure the details could be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. The proposal would bring more services to the Pahranagat Valley in an inexpensive manner.

7. Why do you think you are a better choice than your opponent?

I obviously believe that I could do a better job than my opposition; however, if elected, I think she’ll do fine. Whichever way the voters decide, I believe the county will be well served. Both candidates are fully capable of doing the job.

8. Further comments

I have spent the better part of the last 40 years working in the private sector to support my family. Although that work has been rewarding, I feel the greatest peace and fulfillment in my life has come through church and public service opportunities. For that reason, it is my goal to spend the rest of my life in the service of my fellow beings through both civic and church service. I hope the good people of our county will give me the opportunity to serve them.