On Oct. 4, the Caliente City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting.

During public comment, Donna Mae Harrison noted that she attended the Oct. 3 planning meeting and brought up her sidewalk on 137 Main Street, which she believes is a hazard. She stated that there are homeless people sleeping on the table at Pioneer Pizza at night and she doesn’t want them in her yard. Harrison was unhappy that her complaint was placed on the same agenda as Sidetrack, a business, when she is a homeowner.

The council approved a business license for Katschke Law, LLC, located at 820 North Spring Street, Suite A.

Late fees for utilities were waived for two parties.

A recommendation from the Planning Committee to change the zoning for Company Row from General Commercial and Highway Commercial to Single Family Residential was passed.

Many mortgage companies want higher rates because of the commercial zoning, making it harder for buyers to get approved. Letters were sent out to all residents and landlords and there were no objections.

The professional services agreement with attorney Dylan Frehner has ended. Frehner thanked the council for the opportunity to serve for the last four years.

Mayor Victor Jones told Public Works Manager Jerry Carter about four holes and a trench on Kiva Place, which can pose a hazard to kids riding their bikes.

Sheriff Kerry Lee informed the council that on Oct. 18, the county Hazmat Drill will be happening in Caliente.

Councilman John Ahlstrom announced that Logan Decker has obtained his Commercial Driver’s License.

Carter noted that there’s a lot of household garbage being dumped at the burn site, which is meant to be only for vegetation. This can cause problems with the permit.

The mayor reported on an upcoming meeting on Nov. 15, getting more information out to the public about security and all it entails.

A letter was read from Lincoln County High School, thanking the city and all involved in the success of the homecoming bonfire.

The next meeting will be Oct. 18. The Flood Risk Assessment Plan is on the agenda.