Lincoln County High School defenders take down the Lake Mead ball carrier during the Lynx 57-0 win.

The Lincoln County High School football team brought home another win after their game Oct. 5 against the Lake Mead Eagles. The Lynx held the Eagles scoreless, 57-0.

Noah Smith led the offensive stats with 90 yards and two touchdowns. Kamdon Lewis had 44 yards and four touchdowns, and Jordan Free had 51 yards.

The defensive stats were led by senior McKinley O’Connor, with a total of six tackles. Kobe Kelley and Hagen Boyce both had five.

At the start of the first quarter, senior Noah Smith received the kickoff and ran the ball in for a touchdown. On their next possession, quarterback Cody Ziles made a pass to senior Lewis, giving the Lynx another touchdown.

The Eagles tried to push back but Lewis got an interception as well as the third touchdown. The Lynx continued dominating defensively.

With the Lynx back in possession, Ziles made another great pass to Kelley for a touchdown. The Eagles gained a few yards but junior Dean Ottley recovered a fumble. To end the first quarter, Lewis received a pass from Zile and got a touchdown.

The Lynx had a good start in the second quarter and ran the ball, bringing them close to the endzone. After a few more plays, the ball was handed off to Smith, who ran it in for the sixth touchdown of the night. The Eagles got shut down by the Lynx defense again and Ziles ran the ball for a touchdown.

In the third quarter, the defense on both sides was strong and the teams were scoreless.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Lewis ran the ball in for his fourth touchdown, pulling the Lynx even further ahead. The defense held up and shut the Eagles down, bringing the game to an end.

The game went very well for the Lynx, and their defense was strong.

“In the second half, the JV team came in and they didn’t miss a beat; they played a good game,” Smith said.

The Lynx will be hosting the Mountain View Saints Friday, Oct. 12, at 7 p.m.