Why are you running for this office?

I have been asked several times why I am running for Sheriff. When I started employment with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 17 years ago, I set a goal of running for sheriff. I have patiently waited for the opportunity to run. I feel that this is a good time for me to run. I believe that change can be good.

Where are you from?

I am proud to say that I am a Nevadan. I was born in Boulder City and lived in Henderson, Nevada, in my early years before moving to Southern Utah. My family and I moved here in July of 2001 from Utah. I began employment with the sheriff’s office then, and my wife, JoLin, began employment with the Lincoln County School District. I’m often asked if I am going to leave after I retire, to which I quickly answer, “No, I have made Lincoln County my home.”

Local family?

My wife and I began visiting Lincoln County in the early nineties when my wife’s sister and family owned and operated Wiscombe Funeral Home. In 2001, we were presented with employment opportunities to move here. We are grateful to have raised our three daughters here in Lincoln County. It is a great place to raise a family. Since then, my sister, Mindy Anderson, and her husband, Bart Anderson, have moved to Lincoln County with their family.

What do you think are your qualifications?

I feel that my life experiences have qualified me for the position of Lincoln County sheriff. I have attended Dixie College, Southern Utah University and the College of Southern Nevada. I have attended many law enforcement training schools. I have been an NRA firearms instructor for many years. I believe that our Second Amendment needs to be protected. I have had several jobs where I have had management opportunities. I know that my diverse employment opportunities have given me experience that will make me able to perform in the office of sheriff with a different perspective.

Have you served in this office or a similar capacity before?

I have been a department trainer for most of my career with the sheriff’s department. I also have been involved in local government communities. I served on the Caliente Planning Committee and the Beautification Committee. I served on the Caliente City Council knowing that it would prepare me for the position of sheriff. I was able to address several issues while serving with the city council. I was able to learn a lot about local government’s role. I was able to work on budget issues, and I understand the responsibility to take care of these funds and not spend recklessly.

What do you think are the major issues facing Lincoln County that you would try to work on?

I believe that the major issues I will face as sheriff of Lincoln County are budget shortfalls that we have seen in Lincoln County, which affect funding for training and reduce resources for public protection. School safety is a big issue, even in our rural county. We need to address mental health issues; we have all been affected by these issues. Illegal drug use and abuse. We, as a county, need to address the public land issues and continue to protect the rights of the people.

Why do you think you are a better choice than your opponent?

Sheriff Lee is a great man, and I have been lucky to work with him the past three terms. I feel that we are friends and have had a good relationship. I am pursuing a goal I made early in my law enforcement career. I feel I have some new ideas on protecting and serving the people of Lincoln County.

Add what further comments you might wish:

I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me in this campaign. I love Lincoln County, and I want to serve all of the people of Lincoln County. I have been able to work in all parts of Lincoln County. I believe we can keep this a great place to live, even with the issues we face, but it will take everyone to make any changes happen.

Feel free to contact me at SCHIMBECK2018@gmail.com with any questions.