The final environmental report regarding the U.S. Air Force land withdrawal in Lincoln County was expected to be released this month, though it might be delayed.

The issue was discussed at the Oct. 15 County Commission meeting. Stakeholders await the Environmental Impact Statement by the Air Force concerning the Sheep Range Wilderness withdrawal proposal for the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR).

Commissioners were encouraged to send another letter to the Air Force to reaffirm the county’s previous decision about the proposal. Discussion also centered around putting a resolution on the Nov. 13 agenda.

There will not be a commission meeting on Nov. 5, the day before the general election.

County Planning and Building Director Cory Lytle said he expects “a resolution will mirror past policy the commissioners have stated, a reinforcement of what we want to do. We have recommended supporting one of the alternative proposals with certain stipulations involving some access and shared use concepts.”

In January 2018, the Air Force held two public meetings in Lincoln County, one in Caliente and one in Alamo, to discuss its desire to expand the NTTR.

At present, the range covers about three million acres in Lincoln, Clark, and Nye Counties.

The Air Force, it is believed, favors Alternative 3C which calls for the removal of 227,000 acres from south Lower Pahranagat Lake down through Clark County.

Last month, commissioners again expressed their interest in Alternative 2.

This measure would allow the Air Force to take complete control of the south range of the NTTR. Any non-military use of the range would need to have the approval of the Air Force, but it would allow for several well-known hunting and recreation areas to remain open.

Alternative 3C would permanently close all those same areas.

Commission chair Paul Donohue noted this new letter will further specify that all the roads in Alternative 2, including the Corn Creek Road, should be left open.