Why are you running for this office?

I am running for re-election as Lincoln County Sheriff because of my experience and knowledge of the job. There are multiple projects that I am heavily involved with and want to see through to completion. I love this county. I feel that I have a lot invested here, and I have more to give. I enjoy working WITH and FOR the people of Lincoln County.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised here in Lincoln County. I graduated from Lincoln County High School and attended Southern Utah University. I have raised my family here. Lincoln County will always be my home.

Local family?

My ancestors helped settle parts of Lincoln County in 1864 and have been here ever since. My father, Kenneth, runs/operates a cattle ranch in Panaca. Working on the family ranch taught me to work hard, and I have taught my children the same. My boys have returned to Lincoln County to live and raise their families.

What do you think are your qualifications?

I studied criminal justice in college and continue to attend trainings/classes. I have served the citizens of Lincoln County for over 29 years with the sheriff’s office.

Have you served in this office or a similar capacity before?

I was hired in 1989 as a jailer/dispatcher. In 1991, I transferred to a patrol deputy, where I worked strictly in the city of Caliente for several years. I was then promoted to patrol supervisor/sargeant, where I served for a number of years. I was elected as Lincoln County Sheriff in 2006 and have served the people of Lincoln County in that capacity ever since.

What do you think are the major issues facing Lincoln County that you would try to work on?

I feel that drugs (legal and illegal) are one of our major issues. We are an active, participating agency with the Nevada Drug Task Force. Sadly, the fight against drugs is never completely over and as the sheriff, I, along with my staff, will continue to work on this issue through enforcement and education.

Another major issue facing Lincoln County is financial stability. As your sheriff, I am not only mindful of the situation, but I work/strive daily to operate within my allotted budget. Every year, as sheriff, I have not only stayed within my budget, but have returned money to the county general fund. Aware of the county’s limited funding, the sheriff’s office continues to not only utilize and seek grants to help purchase needed equipment, but my staff and I continue to work alongside other law enforcement agencies to ensure continued inmate contracts. The Detention Center is an important part of our county, and inmate contracts are imperative to maintain for the continued financial stability of the sheriff’s office and the county.

Why do you think you are a better choice than your opponent?

I have been with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office continuously for my entire career. I have served in multiple positions within the sheriff’s office. I understand the needs and issues facing dispatch, jail, patrol, and administration. I manage and maintain the budget, and I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility. Over the years, as sargeant and sheriff, I have been involved in conducting and supervising multiple investigations. As your sheriff, I have worked and led the department through some major events involving multiple agencies. I was appointed by the governor and presently serve on the Intrastate Mutual Aid Committee and the Off-Highway Vehicle Commission for the state of Nevada. As your sheriff, I am keenly aware of the public land issues facing our county/state, and I am highly committed to staying involved with these issues. I have also served my community for the past 30 years as a volunteer firefighter and as a member of Search and Rescue. My years of experience and my desire to serve make me the better candidate for sheriff.

Add what further comments you might wish:

For these reasons, I ask for your continued support as your sheriff.