Thursday, Oct. 11, the Lincoln County school board held its regularly scheduled meeting.

Letters were read, and agendas, minutes, and bill payments were approved. Then a class-size reduction was approved, as were the winter sport schedules for both Lincoln County High School (LCHS) and Pahranagat Valley High School (PVHS).

The district’s emergency operation plan was also approved.

The board approved school discipline plans and the E-rate application.

Next, the board announced the hiring of two new part-time employees, both paraprofessionals: Amanda Fitzsimmons, who will be working in Caliente, and Jaycee Wadsworth Bernal, who will be working in Pioche.

The board then reaffirmed the contract it has with the Panaca Farmstead to provide much-needed services to all three schools in the town.

A request for a student to take the Hiset exam was approved.

The board was informed about LCHS’s seniors’ upcoming Baja Mexico cruise and approved the trip, mentioning that it was impressed by the seniors’ foresight in preparing the trip so long beforehand.

Following this, the board approved a resolution to support iNVest 2019, followed by the approval of a policy revision concerning county emergency drills.

Tyrus Mizer then announced that, at the end of the year, he will relocate to St. George and resign from the Lincoln County school board. He expressed his appreciation for the board and the county as a whole, and the rest of the board expressed the same type of gratitude.

Next, Superintendent Pamela Teel expressed that she is concerned about the low number of students in the county, but remains hopeful. Reasons for this decline in numbers were discussed, with one of the main culprits being housing. Multiple families have expressed a desire to move to Alamo and Pioche, but there’s nowhere for them to live.

The board adjourned until their next meeting, which will be held Nov. 22.