At the Caliente City Council meeting on Oct. 18, a public hearing was held to discuss possible applications for funding under the next fiscal year’s State Community Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Residents of Caliente can offer their input on the meeting by contacting any council member, the mayor, or City Hall.

Cole Bradshaw came before the Council to get approval for Life Café’s Coffee and Roasting Company, a mobile coffee shop.

City Attorney Franklin Katschke told the council that if Bradshaw has a conditional use permit, it’s okay to grant him a business license.

The question then became where Bradshaw will park the shop. Sergeant Chase Dirks, who attends council meetings, noted that it has to be determined whether the property belongs to the city or is private. A conditional use permit costs $150.

A motion was carried to approve getting a conditional use permit, followed by another approved motion to accept Bradshaw’s business license.

Another new business approved at the meeting was Drew Thornock’s DGT Studio, located in the Depot with Brittney’s Nails.

Next, the council approved waiving Sharon and Greg Barlow’s late fees for a month as the couple were recently in an accident.

It was announced that the Caliente Employee Handbook should be ready for review by first of the year.

Building inspector Ken Dixon gave the update on the Floodway Report from Sunrise Engineering. He would like to get the final recommendations from the council. Sunrise should be able to present a report in December.

During public comment, thanks were expressed to the EMTs and everyone who showed up to the Shamrock when someone passed out and was unresponsive. Luckily, there were people who performed CPR until the EMTs arrived.

Councilman Steve Rowe said that, in light of that event, the Volunteer Fire Department discussed having a First Responders class at the start of January. Anyone interested in the class should contact Fire Chief George Rowe at (775) 962-1312. The classes run 60 to 80 hours.

The next meeting will be held Nov. 1 at 6 p.m.