Lincoln County’s senior night ended in success. The Lady Lynx came out strong, beating Calvary Chapel 25-7, 25-13 in the first match, and 25-20, 25-8 in the second.

Early on, Calvary Chapel returned Lincoln’s first couple serves, stealing a few points. Senior Marinda Lamb was up to serve and helped Lincoln get back on their feet with a six point lead. From there, they took off. After Lamb, junior Sadie Soderborg served another run of six. Senior KyLee Cameron finished off the game with her serves.

In the set, senior Baylee Cameron had one kill. Soderborg, KyLee Cameron, sophomore Alexis Barton both had two, and senior Kendra Mathews had three. Senior Keely Jackson, KyLee Cameron, Lamb, and Soderborg all had one ace.

In the second set, Calvary gave up their first serve, giving Lincoln an automatic lead. Lincoln let Calvary get a few more points than they had the game before, but they still took care of the ball and came out ahead, 25-13.

Mathews and Lamb had one ace; Soderborg had two. Baylee Cameron, sophomore Josee Lytle, and Soderborg all had one kill. KyLee Cameron had two, and Mathews had three.

The games were paused for senior night events. Calvary came back ready to play, but Lincoln was a little slower getting back on the ball. Lincoln still managed to come out of the game with the win, but not unscathed. Calvary gained 20 points on them.

Lamb had two aces. KyLee Cameron had three kills, and Mathews had two. Soderborg owned the net with six.

Unimpressed with the result of the previous game, Lincoln set the tone with a lead right off the bat. Whenever Calvary got the ball, Lincoln took it right back.

Mathews served an important run, taking the Lady Lynx to 22-5. At point 24, all the seniors came out with the crowd giving them an ovation.

Then Sophomore Gwen Lamb set freshman Monroe Morrow for the kill, finishing off the game.

KyLee Cameron had three aces and Mathews had two. Baylee Cameron, Marinda Lamb, and Morrow had one kill. Mathews had three, and KyLee Cameron had two.

The Lady Lynx improved to 10-10 overall and 7-3 in the 2A Southern League. Lincoln travels to play in Laughlin (13-17, 6-6) on Thursday, Oct. 25, at 3 and 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 29, the team heads back down south to play Needles (8-13, 7-5). Tuesday, October 30, Lincoln will play their final home game against non-league Pahranagat Valley at 6:30 pm.