On Oct. 10, the Pioche Chamber of Commerce gathered at the Silver Café.

The chamber was informed of multiple meetings being held in Caliente over the next few weeks, including a training on how to maintain and market trails in the area. The chamber is interested in sending a member to attend the training.

Next, the beautification committee presented a list of fifteen properties that need either brush, vehicles, or entire buildings removed. These houses, the majority of which are abandoned, present a hazard to the community, since any of them could catch fire and burn the entire town to the ground, according to the committee.

While the town board was hesitant to act on these private properties, acting DA Dylan Frehner confirmed that the town has a legal right to address this problem. No immediate action was taken on the matter.

Another issue arising from these derelict properties is that there are few places to live or rent in Pioche. The homes on the properties are unlivable, but if the land was empty, new homes or apartments could be built to house newcomers to the area.

Next, the chamber heard from the Thompson Opera House committee, which reported that the Johnny Cash tribute show, slated for Nov. 10, will go ahead as scheduled with the added bonus of a Willie Nelson impersonator. It was also reported that the Opera House will close at the end of October, and that the Million Dollar Courthouse will close before it gets too cold, due to its lack of a heating system.

After this, the grants committee announced that it has secured a grant to make maps and brochures for the town.

The website committee stated that they have successfully acquired Pioche.com after much effort.

The Labor Day committee reported that it earned more than $4,000 from the August celebration, then the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Nov. 14 at noon. All are invited to attend.