The Pioche Town Board met on Oct. 16.

During public comment, Carol White requested all Pioche Public Utilities (PPU) poles be accounted for, as a matter of public record. She was not aware that the tags for the poles were not created in the field but in the office under the supervision of the PPU manager. She stated there was no inventory taken at that time.

Town manager Nathan Adams read the financial report aloud for the public.

Chairman Tom Brown requested an annual report on the number of meters being read to confirm the increase in the number of meters billed on the cash balance.

A request was made by Bevan Lister, 8-Mile Farms, to acquire/lease 300 acre-feet of water from PPU in the Patterson Basin. Lister addressed the board, explaining his need for water rights. This could provide a number of benefits for PPU. It could increase water revenue and assist in providing water use.

District Attorney Dylan Frehner explained PPU rights and options regarding leasing water rights. He expressed concerns with the state engineer’s office.

Frehner commented that, due to the amount of water rights allotted to PPU at this time, it would be beneficial for PPU to lease the water to show good cause of usage when reapplying for water right permits. He also noted that he does not foresee an issue with this option for the PPU.

Board member John Christian asked whether this would open a precedent for PPU to be obligated to provide water leases to other individuals.

Frehner explained that if PPU decides to move forward with the motion, there will be certain steps and guidelines that will have to be followed. A motion to proceed with inquiries to the state engineer was carried.

There was a request from the Pioche Chamber of Commerce to review and create an action plan to deal with rundown properties in Pioche.

Chamber president Candice Mortenson updated the board regarding the county commissioners’ discussion on how to address the issue of rundown properties in and around the county.

County planning directory Cory Lytle would like to work with the commissioners over the winter to create a plan for an entire community cleanup for the spring.

Christian expressed concern that, in past years, the provisions created by state statutes have been in place, but not followed through with. Frehner explained that the commissioners will be establishing ordinances which will be more easily enforced.

During the Chamber of Commerce update, Mortenson noted that there are many flood issues in Pioche. She asked what the town is doing about the problem.

Adams explained that, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), Main St., across from the Overland, was supposed to be addressed during the summer. One issue he saw this last flood was that, instead of NDOT angling Main St. toward the culverts, it crowned the road. This sends the runoff down both sides of the street, and the left side has no curb or gutter because PPU couldn’t afford to offset the cost.

Adams is going to research whether PPU can apply for grant money.

There was further discussion on the matter, with Adams noting that there was a study conducted by Sunrise Engineering which provided a few options for flood control. Reviewing the Sunrise report and addressing the flood issues will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Adams presented his monthly manager’s report to the board.

A crew member has received his CDL. The sewer line has been completed on Buck Ave. During the scheduled power pole repairs and outages on Oct. 17-18, one of the priorities was getting the senior housing power on as soon as possible.