Courtesy photo | A look at damage at the Pioneer Park in Panaca.

On Oct. 8, the Panaca Town Board gathered for its regularly scheduled meeting.

It began with the reading of letters, the approval of agendas and minutes, and the payment of bills. Since there was little public comment, the meeting moved on to the main issues of the evening. One subject up for debate was a possible contract with the Nevada Department of Forestry, but no action was taken on the matter.

The main subject of the night was the damage inflicted upon Pioneer Park. The park serves as a baseball field and sits in the shadow of Court Rock on the southern edge of Panaca, was found defaced this past week. According to Wes Reed, who works for the town and discovered the damage, it looked like someone had “been doing doughnuts (on the upper section of the park) and had lost control, taking out a fence and then high-centering on the railroad ties.”

Due to the diligence of Reed and other town employees, including Grant Perkins, the perpetrator was found at his home in Panaca. From there, the damage to the truck parked at the home confirmed the owner’s guilt.

At the meeting, the perpetrator gave a public apology and was issued 25 hours of public service. Undoubtedly, some of these hours will be dedicated to fixing the damaged property at Pioneer Park.

With that, the meeting came to a close. The next meeting will be held on Nov. 12.