The BLM Ely District in Caliente offered nine parcels of public land for sale, totaling 296.09 acres in Lincoln County. The auction was held at the Caliente Depot. Sealed bids had to be received by Monday, October 15, and were opened before the public auction.

The Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation, and Development Act provides for the disposal of public land within Lincoln County into which 85 percent of the revenue generated by the sales is deposited into a special account in the United States Treasury. The remaining 15 percent is paid to the State of Nevada General Education Fund (five percent) and Lincoln County (10 percent).

The sale started with Field Manager Chris Carlton providing instructions on how the oral bids would be handled. There were no sealed bids.

The bidding started with a 40-acre parcel in Alamo, which sold for $19,000 to Joanne Ferris. A 40-acre parcel in the Caliente area sold for $8,000 to Blue Mountain Ranches of Nevada owner Albert Seeno. The last parcel in Pioche was sold for $11,700 to Lee Maughan.

The unsold parcels will remain available for sale.

The Caliente Field Office is also making Christmas tree permits available to the public. Permits cost $4 each, with a limit of 10 per purchase. The BLM Office is located at 1400 South Front Street. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.