The Alamo Power District approved the 2017-18 fiscal year financial audit report from Hafen, Buckner, Everett & Graff at its most recent meeting. The board also approved the application for membership to the Nevada Rural Electric Association.

Ken Maxwell is moving forward with the networking infrastructure project. The estimate for equipment and engineering will be around $60,000. This will be a web-based system. Maxwell plans to present the final proposal from Schweitzer Engineering Lab at the next board meeting.

Maxwell also advised the board that the district will need to purchase a newer digger derrick truck for the future which will cost approximately $100,000. This money will come from the district’s capital improvement account. The district also will have $200,000 of equipment for networking and four reclosers to help improve the system in the future. Maxwell and the board discussed a loan to cover those costs. This will be further discussed at a later meeting.

In the general manager’s report, Maxwell listed Kellon Walch’s new home, the storage container project and truck inspections, and pole change-outs as jobs completed. Ongoing and upcoming jobs include the substation clearance requirements, filter dubstations, insulator change-outs and the Ash Springs dead-end project.

The outage on Sept. 5, in Hiko, was caused by failed insulators.