Mary Cordle
The good witches who took the place of Caliente Elementary teachers handed out awards to students during the Halloween assembly.

Ghostly music filled the halls of Caliente Elementary School as students in Halloween costumes were led by the good witches who had taken the place of their teachers.

Awards were given out to the most-improved students. The classes got points for wearing their Cougar shirts. This month, the second grade won with 94 percent. First grade came in second with 88 percent.

October birthday balloons were handed out by the PTO.

Principal Sharon Dirks reminded the students about the Gingerbread Fun Run on Nov. 17. The money raised goes to the school.

The fourth-grade class performed “Dry Bones.” This was followed by the hallway parade. To end the fun time, a circle was formed and guests were invited to join in dancing to “Mama Shark.”