Lincoln County High School?s production of ?Mousetrap? was an experience that the audience will likely never forget. It was intriguing, funny, and just the right amount of scary.

That last emotion was the real focus; the logical mind knew there was no danger, and that these were the local kids putting on the show. Yet, when the lights went out, or when a scream echoed through the halls, or even when a character laughed chillingly and maniacally, there was a true sense of uneasiness.

Agatha Christie, author of ?The Mousetrap,? was so insistent that the ending stay a secret that, at the end of the play, audiences are always informally encouraged to withhold the truth from anyone. When a certain online resource revealed the complete plot to the play, Christie?s family sued for defamation.

Thus, this article will not be joining in on the spoiler-filled fun.

Speaking of detectives, the previous article leading up to the play omitted the name of Karina Sinay, who did an amazing job playing Detective Trotter.

While the play itself was a masterclass in how to get into an audience?s head, the theater in the round was a new experience for Lincoln County High School. The entire play took place on the stage of the Neldon C. Mathews auditorium, with risers sharing the space where the actors would need to be walking. While the compact setting was very immersive and made the entire experience more entertaining, the logistics were a bit challenging. Actors had to squeeze their way around the stage, avoiding props, the feet of audience members in the front row, and their fellow players.

Overall, ?Mousetrap? was something unforgettable, allowing audience members and students to peek behind the curtain of one of the most intriguing and fun-filled mysteries ever conceived by the queen of intrigue herself.