Less than a month after he died, Dennis Hof, Republican candidate for the Nevada State Assembly, District 36, was posthumously elected to the position on Nov. 6.

Though Hof’s death occurred on Oct. 16, he defeated his Democrat opponent, Lesia Romanov, by a 68.3 to 31.7 percent margin.

Under Nevada law, the seat will be declared temporarily vacant.

The Lincoln County Commission Board dealt with the question of Hof’s replacement at their regular meeting on Nov. 13.

Chairman Paul Donohue said he recently received calls from the Nye County Commission chair, a Nevada State Senator, and members of the Clark County Commission Board, requesting a joint meeting of each of the three boards, or a majority of, to discuss the situation.

Applications are being requested from persons interested in being named as replacements for Hof.

In a follow-up conference call, Donohue explained that it was determined all applications will be submitted to the Clark County Commission office. Commissioners from Lincoln, Nye and Clark counties will then conduct a weighted vote. Donohue thought the deadline for applications was Nov. 20.

The Lincoln County Board mentioned some names of local people who might be interested in applying. However, the person must live within the boundaries of District 36, which covers Clark, Nye, and part of Lincoln County, into part of Caliente.

Lincoln County Clerk Lisa Lloyd said if a person lives south of Front Street [US 93] in Caliente, they are in District 36.

The meeting of the three commission boards is scheduled for Dec. 11 in Pahrump at the Nye County Commission chambers. Donohue said a conference call may be favored instead of meeting in person.

Applicants for the position are to be given five minutes at the meeting to present their case. Then the vote will be taken.

Donohue said, “There are 100 votes possible, based on population. Lincoln County has three, Clark County has 30, and Nye County has 67.”