The Caliente City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting on Nov. 15.

Erin Bucknar and Marissa Spivak told the council that the Caliente Development Company was awarded a state license to cultivate cannabis and manufacture cannabis products in Caliente. The company was granted approval to build on 244 acres off Highway 317 (the old golf course). There will be double fencing and cameras that cover the whole property. Local law enforcement will have a 24/7 live feed into every area of the facility. There will be one single secure exit. Wall-to-wall mesh covering will prevent any plants from being seen from the outside.

Bucknar and Spivak explained the rules by which the facility will operate.

The State of Nevada enforces a seed-to-sale system, Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting and Compliance (METRC). Everything goes into METRC, starting with an individual seed’s 16-digit tag number. As the plant grows, every step of that growth is tracked by METRC, including such things as weighing any plant trimmings. Trash cannot go into a water basin or exposed trash bin; it has to be deposited in a hazmat container. If an inspection shows that a company is deviating more than 10 percent outside of what its METRC says, the company can lose its license.

The company itself cannot distribute the product; only licensed distributors are allowed to do that. Those distributors are also tracked by the METRC system. The distributions are done in locked bins, in an unmarked van, manned by two people who are required to have a phone on them. They are also required to document a trip plan, from which they cannot deviate.

Hiring requirements include being 21 or over, passing a background check, government fingerprints/ photo, and signing a waiver allowing personal belongings to be inspected.

Employees are provided with an agent card. If they lose this card for any reason, they can never work at a facility again. Any one with a CCW permit has to give it up before obtaining the agent card.

Individuals with felony convictions, unpaid child support, or any other record of legal trouble will not be hired.

Pay is minimum wage, no benefits.

Bucknar and Spivik thanked the council for allowing them to make their presentation.

Amber Lee Rails Petition for Annexation of about 49.8 acres into the City of Caliente was discussed. These parcels are off Highway 93 NE of Caliente. Brenda Northrup of Clover Creek Organic spoke on this saying it is a continuation to annex this land for expandation. The motion was carried.

The council officially declared November 28, 2018, “small business Saturday” and asked residents of the community to shop local and keep the community strong.

After YESCO approached the city, wanting to put a 10×30 foot billboard in Industrial Park, the planning board sent a letter to the council regarding an ordinance for billboard signage that requires members of the community be given an opportunity to respond.

A follow-up meeting on this matter will be held on Dec. 5 at 5 p.m.

The Christmas tree lighting will be held Saturday, Dec. 1, 6 p.m. at the Depot.

The next city council meeting will be Dec. 6 at 6 p.m.