The Lady Lynx are returning from a successful season with 16-0 in league play and 25-4 overall. The team made it to the state championship and lost to White Pine High School in overtime.

This is Duane Wadsworth’s third year as head coach. His assistant coaches are Marty Soderborg, Anthony Poulsen, and Eric Bernal.

Only two seniors are returning to varsity this year. Kendra Mathews (C) and Keely Jackson (F). Sadie Soderborg (G) and Macie Howard (G) are the team’s returning juniors. Natalia Romero (F) joins the team as a junior. There are four upcoming sophomores: Gwendolyn Lamb (G), Alexis Barton (G), Ellie Frehner (G), and Alexis Long (F).

Wadsworth said, “We have some good talent coming up. Good sophomores and juniors who are going to work to replace the three seniors we lost. Those three were huge, so it will take time and more experience, but they can do it.”

Wadsworth is keeping his game plan like last year’s.

He said, “We want to play like we did last year. Obviously, we’ll do things a little different because each team’s a little different. They each have different styles and strong suits, but for the most part, we’re staying the same. Work hard, play aggressive, keep your head up, and play to win.”

The Lady Lynx played their first game Thursday, Nov. 26, in the Lake Mead Holiday Classic at 7:30 p.m. Their first home game is on Tuesday, Dec. 4, at 4:30 p.m. against Adelson.