At the last Alamo Power District meeting, Ken Maxwell informed the board that he is moving forward on the networking infrastructure project with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and the startup cost will be about $57,000 for the first phase. This will include their own communications network and Supervisory Control and Data System (SCADA) as well as a future Distribution Automation System. Attorney Shain Manuele, looked over everything and found it in order.

Maxwell also told the board that the upgrade project for the district’s five-year plan for networking, reclosers, and other miscellaneous items needed to finish the project will cost about $200,000. Maxwell plans on moving forward in acquiring a loan from the Cooperative Finance Corporation.

The board approved a four-percent raise for each employee effective January 2019. The board also approved the purchase of a 2006 Diesel Digger Derrick truck with four-wheel drive for $59,565 and a 2010 Diesel Bucket Truck for $76,565. That will take a total of $136,130 out of the district’s capital fund account.

Manuele called into the meeting and reported about the Nevada Rural Electric Association (NREA) conference he and Maxwell attended Oct. 10-12. The district is now a member and has two seats on the board. The district would like Maxwell and another board member to regularly attend these meetings to keep up with the information regarding co-ops and electrical issues.

In the manager’s report, Maxwell explained that that there was about a $9,000 loss for the month which is typical for the season. He also learned at the NREA meeting that the upcoming legislative session will have Energy Choice for consumers as a main topic.

The jobs completed were the Credit Union change out, filter oil at the substations, some pole change outs, and Robert Steele’s well upgrade.

Upcoming and ongoing jobs include the substation clearance requirements, insulator change outs, and the Ash Springs dead-end project.

Robert Park and Ross Stirling attended the IPSA Hotline School in November.