Alamo Sewer and Water met Dec. 4.

Jason Cooper, from the State Revolving Fund, suggested that the income study will put the district on a sliding scale for loan forgiveness if it gets a loan through the USDA.

Shain Manuele mailed a letter specifying he is changing jobs and will no longer be able able to provide legal counsel for the district. The board approved asking District Attorney Dylan Frehner to be the new legal counsel.

In the employee report, it was reported that arsenic levels are still within the federal limit. The screens on the Sandhill well will be scheduled for cleaning either the first or second week of January. It will take three to four days to remove the pump, prep the well, brush the screens, and then use a camera to inspect the well. The well will then be cleaned and samples taken before it is cleared to be used again.

David Gibson from Lund can do the brushing of screens on the Sandhill well for $25,000.

The industrial well is working but needs to be flushed and to have its lines disinfected before it’s switched over while the Sandhill well is being maintenanced.

The work truck is running well again.

The irrigation shares will be coming up for bid this year. The district approved hosting it in January. Bids will be awarded in February to start in March.

A suggestion was made to charge interest if the shares are not paid for on time. An invoice will be sent only to the winning bid and they will be in charge of collecting the money if shared between people.

A customer came in wanting to decrease the size of his meter from a one inch to a three-quarter inch. The board decided to work on a policy in regards to this process and will discuss it at next month’s meeting.

The board approved the audit which was presented for the last fiscal year. The reports showed that the district ended with a loss of $25,000. The Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) was in the audit as an asset, but the district didn’t have the money for it. The loss was primarily from depreciation. The district’s cash flow went up this past year.

Farr West Engineering had nothing new to report on the PER corrections. They contacted Rural Community Assistance Corporation to do a household median income study. The State Revolving Fund said it is very risky to do in the district’s case. The study will cost between $44,000 to $50,000 depending on agency. The last income study done for the district reported $47,500.

Paden Higbee went to a fire hydrant seminar. The district has flushed a couple hydrants.

A committee looked at Moapa’s arsenic treatment facility. If the district uses just one pod, it will fit in a current building. However, the district feels at least two pods are necessary in order to be able to backflush. Moapa’s system has nine pods. The district can also get 100 gallon pods instead of 300. The lifespan of the media used on one third of the water is about 90 years.

The district was invited to join a managers meeting every quarter between Moapa, Pioche, Panaca, Caliente, etc.

Lastly, a leak was fixed down by the football field.

The next board meeting will be Jan. 8 at 7 p.m.