Gregory Hafen II, the general manager of Pahrump Utility Co. Inc., was appointed to fill the vacant seat in Assembly District 36 on Dec. 7 in a joint meeting of three county commissions, Nye County spokesman Arnold Knightly said.

Hafen, 36, was appointed over 19 other candidates to the seat won posthumously last month by brothel owner Dennis Hof who died unexpectedly Oct. 16.

District 36 spans Clark, Nye, and Lincoln counties, although the majority of precincts fall in Nye.

The decision follows an unsuccessful effort by a Nye County resident, former assemblyman Ed Goedhart, to seek a preliminary injunction to push the appointment until January when two new Nye County commissioners are to be sworn in. A hearing in the matter is scheduled Dec. 19, but it is unclear what judicial relief remains.

A similar complaint was filed in Clark County District Court.

Meanwhile, two other vacant Assembly seats also need to be filled, both from Clark County in District 10 and District 11.

Hafen made appearances Dec. 3-5 at each of the county commission meetings giving a short presentation as to his qualifications and desire for the office.

Lincoln County Commission chair Paul Donohue, who cast the votes for Lincoln County in favor of Hafen, said he thinks Hafen will be a fine representative for Lincoln County. “He has a good background, serves as chair of the Nye County Planning Commission, has had a lot of experience in politics and helping around. I get excited about these younger, energetic men and women who want to serve well. I think he will get in there and work hard.”

The next Nevada legislative session will commence February 4, 2019.