The Panaca Town Board helds its regularly scheduled meeting Dec. 10.

Town manager Wes Reed reported that the lights which hang down Main Street have been put up, per usual this time of year, and the board commented on how good they look. Also, per usual, the streets and cemetery have been cleaned up in preparation for the holidays.

Reed asked the board about the possibility of selling or moving the spare chairs that have been taking up space in the town hall’s storage area for years. That way, the room could be used for more important things.

The board wasn’t against selling the chairs but mentioned that there is some other storage space that can be used to house the seats in the interim. The board also reminded the manager that he needs to cover the seats while they’re in storage so as to avoid damaging them.

Next, Reed brought up the need for a new battery tender. This piece of machinery keeps the batteries charged during the colder months of the year, and while the board currently has one, the additional equipment at the parks requires two more additional tenders.

Due to the need for such equipment, along with the relatively low price, the board approved the purchase.

Finally, the town manager brought up the possibility of selling the old Christmas lights to help fund the purchase of newer LED lights. The current setup that the town uses takes up too much power and has a much greater upkeep than more modern options. The price difference could be balanced out by selling the older lights. The town could also use more of the newer LEDs due to their lower power usage, brightening the town even more.

The last part of the manager’s report mentioned that the person who ruined the park a few months ago has not yet fulfilled their public service. The board acknowledged this, and one of the members said that he would deliver the person’s time card himself. If no more progress is noted, then more drastic measures will be explored.

The final part of the meeting saw a few small pieces of public comment, including the information that the town’s snow plow needs a new air bar, as well as a new battery. The board also recognized the Boy Scouts who were in attendance in an attempt to earn a merit badge.