On Wednesday, Dec. 12, Pioche’s Chamber of Commerce held its regularly scheduled meeting.

The meeting started with the mention of the wreath fundraiser which was noticeably missing this holiday season, to which the chamber commented that past attempts to sell wreaths have come up short, and that the chamber has expended too much time and too many resources into the effort with very little to show for it. Thus, the decision was made to scrap the fundraiser entirely. If more interest is shown in the future, then the decision may be revisited.

According to the members of the chamber, this problem is seen throughout their fundraising attempts, including the flag fundraiser this past July, and at the root of the issue is that there are very few people willing to help out and participate. Whether this is because of a drop in county population, action needing to be taken on the part of the county commission, or some other contributing factor, the members of the chamber could only speculate.

Next came the reports, in which the opera house reported that their Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson show went well. While there was a loss on the concert, more than forty people were in attendance, and the show was reported to have been a hit.

While there was a drop in attendance when compared to last year, part of the reason for that was high school sports scheduled for the same night. The opera house is able to take such hits due to a sponsor from Las Vegas who helps fund these kinds of events.

Following this, more reports came in from the other committees, which included the fact that a catch basin will be installed to help alleviate the town’s flooding problems.

It was also reported that the Old Mill and Ely mines have been sold to companies that plan on turning them into tourist attractions.